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Join the Rebus Community

The Rebus Community is a non-profit organization funded by the Hewlett Foundation and dedicated to supporting and collaborating with faculty, librarians, and others to write and develop open educational resources and open textbooks. Faculty and others can collaborate on OER projects or receive support to develop their own OER materials.

The main goal of the Rebus Community is “to help a global community publish great Open Textbooks and associated content in every subject, in every language” (Rebus Community). The Rebus Community also partners with numerous organizations working to advance open textbooks and resources such as BC Campus, Open Oregon, and the Open Textbook Network among others. Continue reading

SBVC Academic Senate Celebrates Open Education Week

On Wednesday March 29th, the SBVC Academic Senate will be hosting a special OER meeting to celebrate the Open Education Week. Open Education Week brings awareness to open educational resources around the globe. Now in its fifth year of inception, Open Education Week is organized by the Open Education Consortium.

The open education movement at SBVC is growing as more faculty adopt OER in their courses. Some of the topics that we will be covered include OER funding opportunities, Canvas Commons, and digital learning platforms, including Open Stax partner vendor  information.

Power Point Presentation: Mixer


Short History of the Open Educational Resources Movement

In 2012, the World Open Educational Resources (OER) Congress facilitated by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), adopted the Paris OER Declaration which calls on governments to openly license for public use; publically funded educational materials. The support of OER by UNESCO is based on the statement by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that everyone has a right to education. Continue reading